Hypnobirthing Pricing and Terms


The hypnobirthing cost involves 10 hours of teaching, KG Hypnobirthing book, KG Cd/MP3, folder of notes and a goody bag.

Group Hypnobirthing Course                                          £250 per couple
                                                                                              (*£10 off for you and a friend when
                                                                                               you book at the same time)

Private Hypnobirthing Course                                         £380 per couple

Private Hypnobirthing for Caesarean                            £200 per couple (5 hours)

Private Refresher                                                              £80 first 2 hours and £60 for                                                                                                             subsequent 2 hour sessions


Paying in full or instalments: Payment secures your booking and assumes full agreement with the terms and conditions. You can pay the full amount or in equal instalments. The first instalment should be made within two working days of the booking and subsequent ones should be made the 1st day of each month until the course starts.

Cancellation: There are only two circumstances where your payment will be refunded. The first is in the unlikely event of the course being cancelled.  The second is if your baby comes before you have attended the course. If your baby arrives and you have attended part of the course, then you will receive a part refund that reflects the number of sessions you have attended.

Intellectual property: Rolling Hills Hypnobirthing uses their own scripts and recordings and those provided by Katherine Graves of the hypnobirthing centre and hypnobirthing association. These materials and provided in good faith and with the permission of Katherine Graves and may not be used other than for the personal use of the participant without obtaining prior written permission. The participant agrees not to record the course or any part thereof.

Disclaimer: Hypnobirthing techniques are not a substitute for medical advice or care. Hypnobirthing is intended solely as an ‘aid’ to help increase the comfort of labour and birth and is not in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of the labour and birth.